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Qandeel Baloch Murder Case


LAHORE: The essential suspect within the Qandeel Baloch homicide case, Muhammad Waseem, might be delivered to a forensic laboratory in Lahore on Tuesday to have his polygraph check carried out. qandeel baloch murder case

In step with property, it’s been determined to test qandeel baloch murder case the statements given with the aid of Qandeel Baloch’s brother Muhammad Waseem, who confessed to killing his sister for honour. The polygraph take a look at will contend whether or not Waseem is telling the fact or no longer when you recall that it’ll also provide an notion regarding his intellectual state of mind, in line with the police.

Waseem may be introduced to Lahore nowadays where his blood qandeel baloch murder case samples also can be taken. In keeping with property, Qandeel Baloch’s forensic document can absorb to every week. After the slain version’s file is received, then similarly advancements are expected to take vicinity in the case. qandeel baloch murder case

Qandeel Baloch, a arguable model and social media persona, come to be strangled to lack of existence on Saturday, July 16 at her residence in Multan. Her brother Muhammad Waseem confessed to killing his sister and claimed that he had no regrets over murdering her. qandeel baloch murder case

Mufti Abdul Qawi had additionally been blanketed within the homicide probe of the slain model and internet famous person.


Police have installation a special team to carry Mufti Abdul Qavi, who has been nominated as a probable suspect in Qandeel Baloch’s homicide case, to the e book.

Pakistan’s controversial net sensation Baloch became strangled to dying by her brother within the name of honour final month. qandeel baloch murder case

In keeping with community media opinions, Mufti Qavi will must go through a polygraph test in the path of the interrogation. The suspect had long past in hiding, his cellphone has been switched off and he can’t be traced, police said.

However, Mufti Qavi on Monday claimed that police had not contacted him in any respect on Monday. He said that if the police have been to touch him, he should offer them whole cooperation with reference to the Qandeel Baloch homicide case. qandeel baloch murder case

“i am sitting in my madressah and feature no longer long past underground,” said Mufti Qavi in a video message.

Mufti Abdul Qavi also instructed media people that absolutely one in all his mobile telephones changed into not in strolling situation after he dropped it into water. Qavi might be investigated and after investigation it could be ascertained, if he became worried or in any other case within the case qandeel baloch murder case

The homicide passed off in July while Qandeel emerge as napping at her residence in Muzaffabad vicinity, Multan, her parents stated in a announcement recorded to the police. Her mother and father had been sleeping on the rooftop.

Waseem, her brother confessed to strangling Qandeel to loss of life in apparent honour-killing. He is in police custody.

Updated: August 24, 2016 — 5:56 am

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