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Considering that there are plenty of Webmail options nowadays, it is not surprising that this is a tough choice to select a reliable and secure email service provider. MSN 365, Hotmail Live, and are all owned and operated by If you are not a user of this mail service yet, here we will provide some tips and useful facts about

The list of guidelines published below will show you how to complete a login process.

Login to Outlook, Hotmail on a Mac or Windows browser:

hotmail login
  • Open a browser tab and sign in: The first thing you have to do is to launch a new browser tab on your Mac or Windows computer. After you have done so, you will be able to enter the page of Outlook Live in English:
  • Type the email address and password of yours: As soon as you have got to see the Hotmail login page, you will be able to sign in to your account. At that point, you should type your email address with password and click on "Login."
  • hotmail sign in
  • Now, you can use your email address: After you have signed in to your account, you can start using it right away. Now, you can send emails, read letters, and do a plenty of things with your email account.

Hotmail login on mobile devices:

  • Get the mobile app of Outlook on your smartphone/tablet: First of all, you must download an Outlook app from Google Play (for Android devices) or Apply Store (for iPhones and Mac devices). If you have a phone with a Windows OS, you can also get a separate app. After downloading the app, you should just install it on your device and, once it's been done, launch it right away.
    1. Outlook app for iphone, ipad: You should search for "Microsoft Outlook" in the search field of Apple Store.
    2. Outlook for Android device: You have to look for "Microsoft Outlook" app in Google Play.
    3. Outlook for Windows 10.
  • First, type your email address: Among all your mobile apps, you should choose Microsoft Outlook app and launch it. After doing so, you should access the page of settings and select "Add Account." In the end, type your full Outlook or Hotmail address in the given field there and tap "Continue."
  • or Also, you must make sure that you type your full email address, including the or ending.
  • Then, enter the password of your email address: The next page will require you to enter your password. So, type your password in the provided field and tap "Sign In."
  • What happens to my personal data? Synchronization and other aspects: It is also likely that Microsoft Outlook app will ask you for a permission to synchronize your personal data and content, such as contacts, calendar, and more. That, in turn, will offer you a greater convenience. So, if you want to allow synchronizing your data, just tap "Allow" or "Yes."
  • Now, you have just signed in to your account on a mobile device! After completing these simple steps, you will be able to use Outlook on Android and Mac devices. Enjoy your use of Outlook!

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail appears to be a daughter company of Microsoft, even though it had been an independent email service provider before. Currently, Hotmail provides its customers with an A-level security thanks to the use of HTTPS, which is also known as HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. Long story short, HTTPS connection means that the messages you send or receive via Windows Live Hotmail are encrypted, so no hackers are able to see that information. Indeed, for each customer personal data is important, and one has to be relaxed and sure of security when using personal content. (Wikipedia)

However, Windows Live Hotmail has much more to offer than just to send and receive email letters. As soon as you become an owner of a Hotmail/Outlook account, you also get a Windows Live ID, which allows you to access to a wide arrange of Microsoft services. On top of that, you become able to access your account anywhere and at any point of time, using either mobile devices or your Windows/Mac PC. Technological progress has made it possible to take advantage of being mobile at its fullest, and you can now enjoy this experience together with Windows Live Hotmail.

Hotmail sign in problems: recover Hotmail account

Hotmail sign in problems

Do you have set up too difficult password for your account to remember? Or, do you have too many passwords of different accounts to remember? In either case, this might be a reason why you forgot your password and currently cannot sign in to your Hotmail account.

Recover your Hotmail account

Hotmail (Microsoft Outlook) offers you 3 simple ways how you can regain control over your account and password: by using your alternative email address, by using your phone number, and by using personal information you provided during the registration.

Here, you can see a guide on how to recover your Hotmail account, so you can reset a lost/forgotten Hotmail password with ease. That is the reason why you shouldn't fuss over not being able to access your account too much. That is a quick and simple way to recover your password right now.

Questions about Hotmail

Q - How to log out of my Hotmail account?

A - For that purpose, you have to click on your profile picture in the right-upper corner and select "Sign Out" in the menu.

Q - How do I access the menu of options?

A - At first, you must click on "Settings" - find it in the right-upper menu bar. Then, you will get to see several links for changing options and modifying your Hotmail interface.

Q - How can I attach a calendar event or a photo in an easy way?

A - When creating a new calendar event or email letter, you should click on the icon of "Picture" above the text area of the message. Then, you should select the location of the photo on your computer/cloud storage and paste that image in your email letter.

Q - I can't see the up and down arrows for browsing to previous/next letters when reading email letters.

A - These up and down arrows, along with a variety of other features on the menu bar, must always be displayed to you. If you don't see these arrows, then you should attempt to resize the browser and make it smaller. After that, return it to your preferred setting. Currently, the team of is working hard to resolve this problem.

Note: Find help for - The links that we have published in this article will help you find the help you are seeking. You can also choose to contact the customer support of Microsoft Hotmail: Contact Microsoft Support.

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